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Ika Fukai(RWBY OC) by Aquatic-Knight
Ika Fukai(RWBY OC)
Ika Fukai, a squid faunus from the school called Grotto Academt. (An Underwater school I came up with) She is heading to Beacon. Her Weapon is Tide Bearer. Her symblance is the ability to generate light.
    Above the ever waters of the world of Remnant, it was a pleasant enough day. The sun was shining, seagulls doing whatever it is seagulls do, and over all sailors where having a good day. Below the slowly churning waves, however, trouble was brewing.

    For a certain young faunus, it was a big day. Such a day did not occur for many of those who lived in the underwater kingdom known as Current. Ika, a faunus of the squid variety, had recently graduated from the Grotto Academy, a school for training those who defend the kingdom. Of course, that was not the thing Ika looked forward to. As top of her class, she was now waiting at the Neptus Submarine Station, as one of the few of her people going to the surface world, where should would be going to Beacon Academy.

    "Of all the students in the school, to think you'd be the one going to the surface, it makes me proud," affirmed Mr. Coralston, her home room teacher from Grotto. "You're embarrassing me!" she exclaimed. "Really though, it is rare that the Dean allow someone to go anywhere on the surface, least of all Beacon!" Coralston said, a sigh passing from his lips in a rush of bubbles. She giggled a little bit, "Professor, weren't you the last faunus from Grotto to go up there?". "That is true," he said, with a humble bow, "though I didn't stay there long."

At that moment, they heard a whistle, as the intercom sparked to life, "All those for Vale, make your way to the boarding platform, and load into the submarine." Ika then gave Mr. Coralston a quick hug, before excitedly turning and swimming up to the platform. There was not much up there, except for the others going to the surface, most of them being merchants, and a hole leading down into the vehicle they were to board.
A Girl From Grotto(RWBY Fanfic)
The first chapter of the RWBY fanfic I am working on. It is about Ika Fukai, a squid faunus, who visits the surface for the first time. I've made it short to give you all just a taste of my writing style.
Mega Abnevoir-FuseCorp by Aquatic-Knight
Mega Abnevoir-FuseCorp
Name: Mega Abnevoir
Type: Ghost/Fairy/Dark
Components: Mega Banette, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Absol

Ability: Unseelie Court
All attacks this Fusemon uses have a chance to inflict a status condition at random, steal an item, or change the weather.

Ability: Faerie Queen
All damaging moves gain a STAB.

Signature Attack: Sacred Posion
Type: Fairy
Power: -
Accuracy: 100
Effect: Using a strange substance produced from seemingly nowhere presented in a glass, the targets's sense of reality is warped. The target suffers the poison, confusion, and Nightmare status effects despite being awake.

Researcher's Notes:

I need to stop having bad ideas. And by bad ideas, I mean good quality fusions that cause big problems in my lab. Like my newest creation, the self proclaimed Queen of the Unseelie Court of the Faerie Type, Mega Abnevoir. She happens to be a Fusemon that plays by her own rules. Whatever it happens to decide those rules are in that given moment.

As far as battle goes, she holds her own. She seems to have the power of nature at her command to an extent, as at first, when attacking, it did not matter the attack she used, it was always full power. I think Faerie(using the spelling used in lore) Queen is a fitting name. Something possessed one of the interns I've recently hired to use an ability capsule on Mega Abnevoir. Surprisingly, it worked! It's other ability, which she herself calls Unseelie Court, causes all attacks of hers to have an effect of some sort. Did I mention she can talk?

It seems she does have a signature move, which she may have tricked me with once. Luckily Esponzamitevoir was nearby to snap me out of the effects. Using the attack, which she calls Sacred Poison, she summons from seemingly nothingness, a glass, with a strange sparkling pinkish liquid. Using her power, she tempts the target to drink it. Once imbibed, the liquid causes the victim to be lost in what might be called a trance. In this trance, what seems to the victim maybe just a few hours, is in reality anywhere from a few days to a few years, possibly even longer. What happens in said trance is up to the user. This happens to cause confusion, since when trying to act with their physical body, the trance fights back, even possibly causing physical injury. It poisons the user's body, likely in an attempt to make the victim unconcious and allow their mind to be trapped eternally. It rarely takes affect once the user faints though. Lastly, it seems the effect cause by the Bad Dream ability or the Nightmare Status move. So, if she offers you a drink, politely decline it.

Dr. Storm
Mega Kyavglice Fusemon by Aquatic-Knight
Mega Kyavglice Fusemon
me: Mega Kyavglice
Type: Ice/Dark/Dragon
Classification: Absolute Zero Fusemon
Components: Mega Glalie, Kyurem, Regice, Weavile
Client: N/A Research purposes

Signature Move: Cryoclasm
Type: Ice
Power: 180
Accuracy: -
Effects: Either freezes opponent or turns them into a pure ice type. This move always hits.

Special Ability: Frozen Heart
Mega Kyavglice is immune to Fire type moves and to burns. Also freezes opposing active Pokemon/Fusemon upon entry.

Research Notes:
The latest fusion out of my lab in a long time is a cool one. And every thing is just frosty. Literally, my whole lab is frozen over. I am currently hiding in the boiler room. I seriously need to hire some disposable inte... Ii mean some good assistants. Anyway, onto the beast(?) itself.

First of all Mega Kyavglice does not enjoy company. And it despises heat It made both things clear as soon as the chamber doors opened. It immediately froze the surrounding area and using an attack in which it fired an unseeable beam at it's opponent, only recognize by the heat sensors, that freezes every liquid element in a targets body. This move tends to freeze it's opponents solid. It seems it uses this move for creating a frigid army as well, due to the fact that targets not turned into ice cubes, lose their original typing and become ice type. I'm calling it Cryoclasm. When trying to control he creature, we discovered that fire of any sort was absolutely was totally ineffective. Not even burning it. Atleast from those who where not frozen from it's presence in battle. It seems to wrapped in air that is cold enough as to almost be Absolute Zero. I shall conclude that this is ability, henceforth called Frozen Heart. 

As far as biology goes, it seem most, if not all of Weavile's organic flesh has been replaced. The visible "skin" is actually a semi malleable version of the stone portion of a Mega Glalie. The only remaining part of Weavile's original biology is the red feathers on it's head and neck. and the jewel from it's forehead. Most of it's body has been converted into ice, from it's torso, to it's hands feet, to what appears to be a "helmet", which is actually just part of it's head. Similar to Gardevoir's "hair". It also seems it can see out of all it's eyes, the naturally placed ones, and the ones on it's torso.

I really need a blanket, the boiler room is getting kinda chilly.
 - Dr. Storm

P.S.: Send help. And blankets.
 Been a while since I last posted a fusion. Enjoy.

Starting a Potterthon as we speak

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 10:58 PM

I have decided to start a Potterthon that will continue from now until I am finished watching Deathly Hallows part two. Thought I make use of the Skins while I still had time.

Coding by: Lost-in-Hogwarts
  • Listening to: Hogwarts BGM
  • Reading: Hogwarts Textbooks
  • Watching: Moving paintings
  • Playing: With magic
  • Drinking: Pumpkin Juice


Mason Blackwell
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